The former Anderson Moving & Storage building in Red Bank, New Jersey's West Side has been transformed into 200 Monmouth, the new home of Sickles Red Bank location, Bottles by Sickles, Sawtooth, Salt Design Co. and much more.



Open Heart Yoga

A unique yoga studio where not only the body and mind get stretched lifted and toned, but the heart gets warmed up too. Here every practice purchased translates into a practice donated, making our community more mindful, one mat (or ariel clip) at a time. |  


It’s impossible to view their portfolio and not have your head in the clouds. These are some lofty thinkers with big design aspirations. But they know how to distill that imagination into architecture + interiors that are perfectly practical. We can’t wait to see the tech-forward planning that bubbles out of their Red Bank incubator. |  

Sickles Comes Full Circle

What a labor of love this has been for team Sickles. It has the sleek appointments of an urban food hall but with loads of warmth & soul. Take your time browsing this 2.0 concept, there is plenty to ogle! We’ll meet you at the fine cheese counter…er seafood counter….deli anyone? Oh and Booskerdoo has a full-fledged coffee + baked goods bar here. (You’re welcome commuters who can now arrive home with roast chicken and anniversary flowers in hand.)  Now open. |  

Bottles by Sickles

Like your craft beer, wine and spirits spiked with a bit of knowledge? Well there is some super artful curation going on here. You’ll browse cans and bottles not found anywhere else, as well as your bar cart staples. In no time, you’ll be dropping words like tannins and hop-forward and actually know what it means. |  

Salt Design Co.

These ladies have the whole fuss-free aesthetic thing down pat (case in point their new studio where white walls bring equal parts cheer and chic). So yes, their knack for being current without being trendy and their talent for adding warmth to modern will pretty much guarantee you an enviable living space. But may we say, they're also a whole lot of fun to work with. Help us welcome their discriminating sensibilities to the project. |  

Del Negro Integrative Health

Dr. Del Negro’s enlightened approach to care considers the whole patient and though we aren’t the experts, we suspect good things happen in our health system when every patient is put at the center of care. So it’s in a setting more boutique hotel lobby than vanilla doctor office that we hope many will achieve well-being and vitality. |  

Red Rabbit Aesthetics

These ladies are the best worst kept secret around. They’re like the Google of aesthetician practices minus the ping pong tables. And if their stamp on design doesn’t make you say wow, your refection in the mirror after your appointment will. Artistry + a side of discretion = your friends wondering why you look so darn good. |  

Lambs & Wolves

May we just say, killer cuts and color aside, Glen has built the friendliest, most service-minded team around. An appointment here makes you feel + look like you have your finger on the pulse of things. Plus, sometimes, you want to go where everybody knows your name. |  

Applied Energy Group

Two words come to mind when we think of AEF—progressive and forward-thinking. This team loses sleep about things we take for granted like how to be more efficient with our energy consumption. We welcome their “bright” ideas to the project (yup, energy pun intended).

Container/Hive Concept

A hive of activity on the north side, our container project will be an imaginative reuse of materials to form a unique retail concept where cool things can incubate and grow.